We support the health and happiness of adopted pets and senior pets. Become a member today!

Benefits: a lifetime 10% discount on all products in our store.

(1) Senior citizenship for pets
We help you keep your senior pets healthy. Nothing makes us happier than to see pets enjoy happy, healthy lives as long as possible.
1, Your dog or cat must be 10 years or older.
(For other pets, please contact us)

(2) Adopted pets
Many animals are waiting for their new families in pet shelters.
We want to unite these shelter animals with their new families as soon as possible.
We also help shelter animals live happy, healthy lives with their new families.
1,For all animals adopted from shelters or animal welfare organizations,
regardless of age
2,Please fill in the name and country of the organization through which you adopted your pet, as well as the adoption date.

*Registration will be renewed each year.
*This membership shall neither be leased nor transferred.
*You cannot combine (1) and (2).
*Only pets registered in AVA are eligible.

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