Our Philosophy

100% natural care products online shop for your pet.

"TTC apples" is the Pet supplements & pet Health Care Products online shop.

We support you & your pets holistic life to be healthy and happy from physically and Psychologically through our natural products.
Holistic care is not only focusing Physical health but also psychological health.
Our “Holistic life” concept is to enhance one’s spontaneous cure from food, environment and health care(body & heart).
Our products are natural and safe for both human and pets and that can help everyone to start  holistic life easily.
We are always happy to support your  happy holistic life.

There are many foods and shampoos on the market that are 100% natural food,
but we sell only products that clearly indicate;

(1) their country of origin

(2) exactly what raw ingredients they contain

You can also see these details on our products page.

* We never sell pet foods or treats that contain the following ingredients.

* We never sell pet grooming items such as shampoo, conditioner,
Spray, balms etc.. that contain the following ingredients.


We too are loving pet owners.
We only sell products that we would readily give to

our most beloved pets!